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 We don’t have a large selection of kittens, our concept is sophistication, not overbreeding…

our Cats and Kittens

our Cats and Kittens

Our cats and kittens are checked by a veterinary, vaccinated in 12 weeks age, ready to move to new homes at the age of 14-16, are PRA and other tests N/N



A meow massages the heart - Stuart McMillan



Love your cat and want the world to know it? Don't worry. Your love for cats is understood and shared by a large community of feline enthusiasts. Cats know how to obtain food without labor, shelter without confinement, and love without penalties - Walter Leonel George

About us

We are based in Ireland

The Republic of Ireland occupies most of the island of Ireland, off the coast of England and Wales. Its capital, Dublin, is the birthplace of writers like Oscar Wilde, and home of Guinness beer.

 We are a GCCFi, GCCF  and TICA registered small and young cattery of Oriental breed cats where cats live with humans, sleep in our beds, settle on guests’ knees or unload their handbags. Our first Oriental cat  was  purchased in 2022. Since then we understood  – Orientals are the best breed ever! 

We do not gain for quantity, do not want to become the biggest cattery and meet the needs of the market in a fashionable color or type.  Our cats are part of our life, vision and  dreams. We do expect the same from the potential owners of our kittens 

Up for a chat? An Oriental shorthair is always in talkative mood, with an unusual cry that’s commonly referred to as a honk. “They talk when they want something, want to know what’s going on, what you’re doing, or where you are”.

If you think that by purchasing an Oriental, you will have a cat – I can assure, that you are wrong. It is at least the dog (dog behaved), the monkey, the cat, the magpie and the devils know what in one body. And most of all – such a small man with a hundred intonations, intelligent piercing eyes, the elegance of a wild cat and an extraordinary stickiness to man.

our Cats and Kittens


Meori Eclair
GEMS code OSH c
DOB 20.11.2021
Sire: Meori Happy Haif, OSH b
Dam: Meori Noire Naila, OSH n
Staus: retired


Shagio-Chen Kesar Mango
GEMS code OSH o
DOB 04.08.2023
Sire: Shagio-Chen Bambi, OSH p
Dam: Shagio-Chen Vika, OSH f


Meori India
GEMS code OSH n
DOB 01.03.2022
Sire: Ulrih Eldoren, OSH n
Dam: Meori Bena Bella, OSH n
Showing status: Supreme adult 2023 GCCFI, International Champion UK/IRL

Kittens, litter A - Sire: Meori Eclair OSH c, Dam: Meori India OSH n

Asianheads Smoki, m
GEMS code OSH n
DOB 07.02.2023

Asianheads Minni, f
GEMS code OSH n
DOB 07.02.2023

Asianheads Amalfi Miu, m
GEMS code OSH n
DOB 07.02.2023

Asianheads Alpha Miiu, f
GEMS code OSH n
DOB 07.02.2023


Cat show

We participate in regional GCCFI and international GCCF cat shows. It is a very slow process to title a cat, There are only three shows per year and it is not always possible to participate in them.
But it is always marvelous to win the shows, to see, how your “babies” win and be appreciated by colleagues and judges. The Judges word is a matter!

To enter a Cat Show you must apply in advance to the Show Manager and enter your cat in its relevant class.  The different classes are published in the Show Schedule, which indicates the classes available for the different breeds and also the different judges who will be judging on the day.  Some of these judges are Irish, but most come from the UK and Europe, and occasionally from even further afield. 

On Show Day you must arrive early in the morning and your cat will be checked by a vet before being allowed into the show hall. All exhibits are required to have current vaccination against F.I.E. and cat ‘flu, certificates to be dated at least 7 days prior to the date of show. Once in the hall, you will settle your cat in a pre-assigned pen from where it will be judged. Any exhibit prepared for show in any artificial manner which changes its appearance relative to the Standard of Points shall be disqualified by the show manager. Every exhibit must be provided with a white sanitary tray, and clean plain white or near-white blanket or blankets without distinctive marking or edging, which may be arranged in such a manner as to assist the comfort of the cat. 

Judging will commence at 10.00 am and Exhibitors will be requested to clear the hall until 1.00pm, while the Breed/Open Classes are being judged. Judges are empowered to withhold any prize, award or certificate, in any class, if the exhibits do not, in their opinion, possess sufficient merit. Prizes will be awarded from the Judge’s award slip and not from any catalogue or prize card. A Judge’s decision is final. An exhibitor may not approach a Judge, nor enter into conversation with a Judge, until that Judge’s engagement is complete. The cats are only removed from their pens to be judged and the public must not touch or handle the cats without the owner’s express permission.

At some point in the afternoon, results are put up on a notice board and you get to see how your cat has done. As the show is winding down, the  Superb of the cats present are selected for Best of Variety and Best in Show awards.

Siamese & All Breeds Cat Club, GCCFI, IE 2022

1st BOB, BOC, Judges - Ms Sarndra Devereux, Mr John Harrison


Cork Cat Club, IE 2023

1st section 6 (OSH, SIA), BOB
Judge Ms Perri L Mansaray

GCCFI Supreme Show, IE 2023

Supreme Adult, Best in Show,
Champion, Judges - Mr George Gow, Supreme show

LCWW Extravaganza and Rescue Awareness Cat show, LIverpool UK 2023

Champion, Judges - Kelly Makdissy, Craig Dryden

Ulster Siamese & All Breed Cat Club, GCCF, UK 2023

Best of Variety section 6 (OSH, SIA), Best in Show Reserve, Judges - Mrs M. Chapman-Beer and Mr J. Hansson

GCCFI Special Show, 02.2024

Grand Champion cert, BOB, Judge - Ms M. Baker

GCCFI Special Show, 02.2024

1st, BOB, Best of Variety sec 6 (OSH , SIA) Judge - Ms M. Baker

Northern Ireland and Erin Cat Club, GCCF UK 03.2024

Best of Variety Section 6, BOB, 1st Breed Class Champion UK, International Champion UK/IRL Judges - Ms S. Devereux, Mrs H. Marriott-Power

Northern Ireland cat Club, GCCF UK 03.2024

Best of Variety Section 6, BOB, 1st Breed Class
Judge - Mr D. Redtfeldt

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